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CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Contract
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Safety Reference Documents

These files are posted for reference only. The applicable document identified with revision number and date specified in the contract will apply. The most current version is posted. Contact the cognizant Contracting Officer to obtain a previous version.

NOTE: Attached files may be in Word or Excel format. Attached files may also be in Portable Document Format: (PDF) format. [PDF] files require a PDF File reader available from Adobe.

Management Directives

Hanford Site Standards

Special Notices / Directives

Occupational Safety & Industrial Hygiene

Quality Assurance/Suspect/Counterfeit Items

Fire Protection

Beryllium Monitoring

Other CHPRC Documents

Endorsed Documents
Employee Job Task Analysis (EJTA)

Construction Position Specific Safety Analysis




Management Directives Rev Effective

PRC-MD-MN-54215 - Verification of Absence of Voltage    03/06/18
PRC-MD-EN-54097 - Verification of Electrical Distribution System Protective Devices   07/11/17
Hanford Site Standards Rev Effective

DOE Hanford Site Visitor Control     
DOE Safety Standards page    
Prohibited Items on the Hanford Site    

Occupational Safety & Industrial Hygiene Rev Effective

DOE-0336, Hanford Site Lockout/Tagout 2B 10/03/16
DOE-RL-92-36, Hanford Hoisting & Rigging Manual 1  
DOE-0342, Hanford Site Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program (CBDPP) 2A 05/14/14
DOE-0342-001, Hanford Site Beryllium Work Permit (BWP) and Hazard Assessment Procedure 0  
DOE-0343, Stop Work 3 11/21/13
DOE-0344, Hanford Site Excavating, Trenching and Shoring 4-2 02/12/18
DOE-0346, Hanford Site Fall Protection Program (HSFPP) 2 05/27/17
DOE-0352, Hanford Site Respiratory Protection Program  
DOE-0359, Hanford Site Electrical Safety Program (HSESP) 3-1 02/05/18
DOE-0360, Hanford Site Confined Space Procedure (HSCSP) 1 10/02/15
PRC-CHRT-SH-9982, Presidents' and Employee Zero Accident Councils 2-0 04/13/15
PRC-GD-SH-29950, Human Performance Culpability Matrix 0-1 05/26/09
PRC-PRO-SH-077, Reporting, Investigating, and Managing Health, Safety and Property/Vehicle Events 6-1 10/16/17
PRC-PRO-SH-104, Aviation Safety Program 0-3 05/13/14
PRC-PRO-SH-105, Steam Generation and Distribution System Safety 0-2 02/11/11
PRC-PRO-SH-121, Heat Stress Control 2-1 11/06/17
PRC-PRO-SH-409, Industrial Hygiene Monitoring, Reporting and Records Management 4-0 09/28/17
PRC-PRO-SH-7085, Safety Responsibilities 1-1 10/29/14
PRC-PRO-SH-10321, Walking/Working Surfaces 1-1 01/04/12
PRC-PRO-SH-10648, Automated External Defibrillators 2-2 08/25/16
PRC-STD-SH-52894, Asbestos Controls 1-0 12/15/14
PRC-PRO-SH-17916, Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessments 4-0 09/28/17
PRC-PRO-SH-28034, Adverse Weather 1-1 01/30/14
PRC-STD-SH-40314, Portable and Fixed Ladder Standard 0-3 05/07/14
PRC-PRO-SH-40410, Hazard Communication Program 2-0 03/13/17
PRC-PRO-SH-40445, Tags, Signs and Barriers 0-0 02/01/12
PRC-PRO-SH-40461, Safety Communications 0-0 02/29/12
PRC-PRO-SH-40463, Ergonomics 0-2 07/06/17
PRC-PRO-SH-40464, Safety Showers and Eyewashes 0-1 11/03/14
PRC-POL-SH-54212, Vehicle Safety Policy 0-0 01/02/18
PRC-PRO-SH-40479, Occupational Noise Exposure and Hearing Conservation 0-2 04/17/14
PRC-PRO-SH-40481, Storing, Using and Handling Compressed Gases 1-0 10/30/17
PRC-PRO-SH-40498, Toxic Metals Exposure Control 2-0 10/30/17
PRC-PRO-SH-40499, Safety and Health Inspections 1-0 01/29/15
PRC-STD-SH-40518, Personal Protection 2-0 03/28/16
PRC-PRO-SH-52718Elevating Work Platforms 0-4 01/07/16
PRC-PRO-SH-52755, Employee Job Task Analysis 1-1 10/23/17
PRC-MP-TQ-011, Qualification and Training Plan 1-7 05/13/14
PRC-PRO-IRM-309, Controlled Software Management 5-2 03/30/17

Quality Assurance/Suspect/Counterfeit Items Rev Effective

Managing Suspect and Counterfeit Items (SCI) in the Nuclear Industry; International Atomic Energy Agency Guide   8/00
ASME B30.26 Rigging Hardware and ASME B30.10 Hook Identification Requirements    
SCI - Awareness Training 6 6/07
Suspect - Counterfeit awareness brochure    
Help Stamp Out Suspects/Counterfeits

Radiation Rev Effective

CHPRC-00072, Radiation Protection Program 7-0 04/13/17
CHPRC-00073, Radiological Control Manual 12-0 09/26/17

Fire Protection Rev Effective

PRC-PRO-FP-40421, Hot Work 0-3 02/17/17
PRC-STD-FP-40404, Fire Protection Program 1-0 04/30/15

Other CHPRC Documents Rev Effective

PRC-MP-SH-32219, 10 CFR-851 CHPRC Worker Safety and Health Program Description 3-1 12/18/17
PRC-POL-EP-5053, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company Environmental Policy 1-0 04/10/18
PRC-PRO-EM-060, Reporting Occurrences and Processing Operations Information 5-4 05/12/16
PRC-PRO-EN-440, Engineering Documentation Preparation and Control 1-3 03/30/16
PRC-PRO-SH-11166, Control of Working Hours and Working Alone 1-2 11/28/16
PRC-PRO-SH-40078, Contractor Safety Processes 1-9 11/10/15
PRC-PRO-WKM-079, Job Hazard Analysis 7-1 04/19/16
PRC-PRO-WKM-12115, Work Management 4-2 04/06/16

Endorsed Documents Rev Effective

MSC-PRO-TRANS-37561, Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Management Plan 7-0 02/05/15
MSC-PRO-EU-066, Electrical Utilities Lock and Tag Program 3-0 04/08/13

Employee Job Task Analysis Rev Effective

EJTA Form (Instructions; DOCx , PDF )    
Medical Scheduling Process and Forms    
Beryllium Medical Monitoring web site      
Beryllium Hazard Brochure

Position Specific Hazard Analysis - Construction Rev Effective

Boilermaker (Const) 3 12/01/2013
Carpenter (Const) 3 12/02/2013
Electrician (Const) 11 12/02/2013
Ironworker (Const) 4 12/02/2013
Laborer (Const) 3 12/02/2013
Millwright (Const) 3 12/02/2013
Operator (Const) 2 12/02/2013
Painter (Const) 3 12/02/2013
Pipefitter (Const) 4 12/02/2013
Sheetmetal Worker (Const) 3 12/02/2013
Surveyor - Subsurface - Scanner (Const) 3 12/02/2013
Teamster (Const) 3 12/02/2013

Forms Rev Effective

A-6000-895, Hot Work Permit 10 11/08/16
A-6003-609, Hanford Site Oversize/Overweight Permit Instructions 6 12/21/17
A-6004-055, Enhanced Pre-Work Walk Down and Post Performance Checklist 3 01/22/08
A-6004-286, Fall Protection Work Permit Instructions 6 03/04/13
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-602, Radiological Work Permit Instructions 5 12/07/17
Open in Word: Form
A-6007-191,Scaffold Plan Checklist 0  
A-6004-634, ALARA Management Worksheet (AMW) 9 09/05/17
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-654, Radiological Hazard Screening Criteria 11 01/05/17
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-750, Chemical Inventory Worksheet 1 09/01/10
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-757, CHPRC Contractor Document Submittal Form Instructions 4 09/07/11
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-783, Craft-Specific Job Safety Analysis/Position Hazard Analysis  0 04/14/09
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-784, Job Hazard Analysis/Activity Hazard Analysis (JSA/ASA) For Subcontractors 9 09/15/15
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-785, Task-Specific Job Safety analysis  2 02/28/12
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-799, Energized Electrical Work Permit 1 09/12/11
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-812, Contractor Occupational Safety and industrial Hygiene Prequalification Form 4 06/21/11
A-6004-820, Change Form Instructions 2 02/23/11
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-822, Construction Daily Activity Report 3 08/24/15
A-6004-833, Contractor-originated Request for Clarification Instructions 4 06/18/13
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-952, Pre-Job Briefing Checklist Instructions 13 11/15/17
Open in Word: Form
A-6004-967, Work Release for Construction Service Organization Instructions 2 03/22/11
Open in Word: Form
A-6005-614, EPC Pre-Job Briefing Addendum Instructions 3 10/11/12
Open in Word: Form
A-6005-717, Hanford Confined Space Entry Permit Instructions 4 03/30/16
Open in Word: Form
A-6005-724, Hanford Confined Space Hazard Identification Instructions 3 06/15/16
Open in Word: Form
A-6005-785, Pre-Job Safety Walkdown 0 10/19/10
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