Last Updated: 07:16:00 PM 11/29/2020
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CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Contract
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Time Charging Information

CHPRC Employees

  • Refer to PRC-MD-HR-54592, COVID-19 Time Recording and Reporting to Work.
  • If you are authorized to telework and have meaningful work to complete associated with the Hanford mission, you should continue to do so. These employees will use the attendance code TRW for time. Please refer to PRC-MD-HR-54502, Temporary Alternative Work Locations for telework requirements.
  • If you are unavailable to report to work on your regular shift, or perform your assignment (if authorized to telework) when requested, you should charge to the appropriate absence code (i.e., PTB, PTX, CTP, etc.) and should not charge to COV.
  • If your absences require a formal return to the workplace process, please refer to PRC-PRO-HR-693, Return to Work after Personal Medical-Related Condition or Absence for return to the workplace instructions.
  • Comp Time Worked (exempts only): Comp time worked (CWP) hours should offset any COV hours in the same workday.
    • If CWP recorded during same week in which COV is recorded, employee should include reason in comment section as to why work could not be completed during the work week or deferred to following week. (Example: Not set up to telework until midweek and then required to work weekend to support DOE deliverable, or called in on Friday to support unplanned site activity.)

Subcontract or Staff Augmented Personnel

  • Subcontract or staff augmented employees who are authorized to telework or not subject to partial stop work may continue to perform work assigned and charge via standard authorized processes. For remaining staff augmentation, managed task, construction or ICWEA support work time without a specific task assignment, subcontractor personnel should follow charging and reimbursement instructions from their employer as provided by CHPRC Supply Chain.

Additional Guidance

  • During normal working hours, individuals are required to be “fit for duty” and available for job assignments within your normal commute time (approximately one hour.) Note: If you are not available, have a personal illness or are out of town, you should use the normal absence code (i.e., PTB).
  • Individuals who are authorized to telework should maximize this tool to support ongoing work activities and prepare advanced work products to support the eventual return to operations.
  • Timecards for those who do not have access to telework, including bargaining unit employees, will be auto-populated with the COV attendance code so that payroll can be processed. These individuals will be required to concur with their timecards when they return to the workplace.


  • Those who currently receive direct deposit will have their payroll processed as normal.
  • Those who normally pick up a hard copy payroll check will not be able to do so during a site closure. Payroll will be contacting these employees directly to work with them on setting up direct deposit. Otherwise, hard copy checks will be mailed to the home address listed in the employee record. Employees can contact ^Paymaster or (509) 376-6768 with any questions.
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