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Recent Updates
Recent Updates

DECEMBER 2, 2019
Hanford boosts contaminated groundwater cleanup to protect the Columbia River

NOVEMBER 5, 2019
Workers Reach Goal on Plutonium Finishing Plant Demolition 

OCTOBER 31, 2019
Workers ready to restart high-risk demolition at Hanford halted after 2017 contamination spread

OCTOBER 29, 2019
Hanford Site Achieves Annual Waste Repackaging Goal

OCTOBER 18, 2019
Richland firm gets $5 million to protect the river from one of Hanford’s worst risks

OCTOBER 8, 2019
Secretary Perry Celebrates Success at Hanford

EM Contractors Recognized for Safety Excellence

OCTOBER 6, 2019
Dedicated to advancing Hanford cleanup

Jacobs North American Nuclear, 11 years of Hanford progress

OCTOBER 1, 2019
Energy Secretary tells Hanford workers their cleanup work is making the Northwest safer

Energy Secretary Perry is back at Hanford. This time to celebrate

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019
Hanford Crews Safely Compete Sludge Transfer, Reducing Risk to River

Exclusive: Deadly radioactive sludge safely away from Columbia River. What’s next for Hanford?

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019
New Treatment Approach Could Accelerate Groundwater Cleanup at Hanford

JULY 23, 2019
Demolition Continues at Hanford’s Plutonium Finishing Plant

JULY 9, 2019
High School Students Get Real World Experience With Hanford Site Mentors

JUNE 11, 2019
Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plant Demolition Making Significant Progress

JUNE 1, 2019
Polestar selected for mentor-protégé program

MAY 28, 2019
Cell Cleanout, Saw Testing Mark Progress in Hanford Project

MAY 14, 2019
Upgraded Modeling System Supports Long-Term Hanford Cleanup Decisions

MAY 7, 2019
Efficiencies Drive Continued Success of Hanford Groundwater Treatment

MAY 1, 2019
Risks linger with Plutonium Finishing Plant’s demolition

MAY 1, 2019
PUREX tunnels stabilized after collapse

Hanford site cleanup story unfolding

APRIL 30, 2019
Hanford Completes the Grouting of Plutonium Uranium Extraction Facility Tunnel 2

APRIL 30, 2019
Crews Stabilize Hanford Waste Storage Tunnel

APRIL 29, 2019
Hanford Workers Complete Stabilization of Waste Storage Tunnel

Federal Government Says 2nd Hanford Tunnel With Radioactive Waste All Sealed Up

Radioactive waste tunnel at Hanford stabilized after fears of a possible ‘catastrophic’ collapse

APRIL 16, 2019
Lower-Risk Demolition Resumes on Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plant

APRIL 9, 2019
EM Assistant Secretary Meets With Hanford Workers, Views Cleanup Progress

Demolition of Hanford's Plutonium Finishing Plant to restart soon

APRIL 2, 2019
Students Visit Hanford Mock-up to Learn About STEM Career Opportunities

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