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CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Contract
About Us
Company Overview

CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company (CHPRC), a subsidiary of Jacobs, is the prime contractor for the safe environmental cleanup of the Central Plateau and River Corridor at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hanford Site in Richland, Washington.

During the contract from 2008 to 2019, dedicated and talented CHPRC employees and subcontractors reduced risk on the Hanford Site by removing some of DOE’s highest hazard waste streams and facilities, from cleaning up contaminated groundwater plumes before they reach the Columbia River, to removing highly radioactive "sludge," to decommissioning and demolishing the Plutonium Finishing Plant, which once housed secret stores of material for the nation’s defense.


Our scope of environmental cleanup:

  • Treat contaminated groundwater beneath the entire site, including 270 billion gallons of water contaminated with 10 major radiological and chemical contaminants
  • Move, treat and store highly radioactive sludge away from the Columbia River to the Central Plateau
  • Clean out and demolish the Plutonium Finishing Plant
  • Place the K East and K West Reactors in interim safe storage
  • Treat and dispose of low-level, mixed low-level, and transuranic wastes
  • Retrieve suspect, post-1970 transuranic waste
  • Monitor, characterize, and remediate groundwater and waste sites
  • Ship special nuclear materials offsite
  • Clean out and demolish radiological, industrial, and nuclear facilities
  • Shut down activities at the Fast Flux Test Facility
  • Integrate cleanup activities along the river
  • Develop site regulatory decision documents
  • Establish long-term surveillance and maintenance at decommissioned facilities and waste sites

CHPRC is driven by one mission - reducing risk on the Hanford Site. CHPRC is supporting DOE's priority to clean up the River Corridor, a 220-square-mile area of the Hanford Site along the Columbia River. The Columbia River was vital to the nation's weapons production program; water from the river cooled the nine reactors along the river's shore. Hanford's 300 Area, a complex of facilities used to conduct experiments as well as manufacture equipment for use throughout the Site, is also located near the river.

CHPRC workers removed waste sites, burial grounds, buildings and other risks to the Columbia River and left future workers well prepared to continue progress on this important cleanup effort that is vital to the millions of people who live along the river.

This work supports DOE's overall goal to shrink the area of active cleanup across the Site from 586-square-miles to 82-square-miles.

About Our Parent Company, Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs leads the global professional services sector providing solutions for a more connected, sustainable world. With approximately $12 billion in revenue and a talent force of more than 50,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of services including scientific, technical, professional and construction- and program-management for business, industrial, commercial, government and infrastructure sectors. For more information, visit www.jacobs.com, and connect with Jacobs on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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