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CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Contract
Canister Storage Building

The U.S. Department of Energy and contractor CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company are safely and compliantly managing interim storage of waste at the Canister Storage Building at the Hanford Site in southeast Washington state.

Canister Storage Building

Delivery of high level material to the Canister Storage Building.


The Canister Storage Building (CSB) Complex plays an important role in Hanford’s cleanup mission as an interim storage facility.

The CSB is a 42,000-square-foot (3,402 square-meter) facility in Hanford’s 200 East Area. The facility stores about 400 multi-canister overpacks (MCOs) containing about 2,300 tons of irradiated fuel that came from Hanford facilities, primarily the K Reactor Area. The irradiated fuel was cleaned, packaged, dried and relocated to the CSB to provide safe interim storage in a consolidated location.

The CSB is comprised of three below-grade concrete vaults, each capable of holding 220 carbon steel tubes. The tubes, each 40 feet long, have been placed vertically in the vaults. MCOs are safely stored in the tubes in these vaults until they can be permanently placed in a national repository. Currently, only one vault contains MCOs. The other two vaults are available for additional storage needs.

Adjacent to the CSB is the Interim Storage Area, which also contains irradiated fuel packaged in various containers. This irradiated fuel will be repackaged and sent to the national repository.

Canister Storage Building

Workers handle an empty multi-canister overpack.












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Canister Storage Building

Inside the Canister Storage Building

Fast Facts

Below the floor of the Canister Storage Building there are numerous vertical storage tubes in three concrete vaults

  • Each carbon-steel tube is 40-feet long
  • Annual operating costs are approximately $5 million for safe storage of nuclear materials
  • Approximately 2,300 tons of spent nuclear fuel is stored in the tubes in the CSB, in approximately 400 shielded containers called multicanister overpacks
  • The spent nuclear fuel contains approximately 56 million curies of radioactivity


For more information:

Destry Henderson, CHPRC

Mark Heeter, U.S. Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office
509.373.1970 Mark.Heeter@rl.doe.gov











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