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CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company employees inspire kids in science, technology, engineering and math education through mentoring

Each month, a team of CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company (CHPRC) employees share their experience and talent with local middle school students to highlight various careers at the Hanford Site located in southeast Washington State. CHPRC aim's to promote opportunities in the local community for bringing next generation of workers to Hanford and enhancing a healthy quality of life/diversity in our community. CHPRC’s employees are involved in the STEM Like ME!, a program, of the Washington State STEM Education Foundation, as part of the company’s continuing effort to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and encourage the next generation of Hanford workers.

STEM Like ME! volunteers demonstrate hands-on activities reflecting the types of work being performed at the Hanford Site. Through this program, hundreds of children are inspired about STEM and the potential of working at Hanford. One student said their favorite part was learning about how all the different career opportunities tie back to the STEM field.

CHPRC focuses its participation in the program in a unique way. A typical program places representatives from several different companies into one classroom. CHPRC has developed a program where all of the volunteers in a classroom are from CHPRC. This shows the students that employees work together and engage with one another in their careers.

Sarah Springer, geologist for CHPRC, says she enjoys inspiring young girls to get involved in unconventional fields of work, “I take any opportunity I can get to show a female role model in STEM fields,” Springer said. “I want them to see us growing and thriving in science careers and show them that it is possible for them, too.”

CHPRC workers also want to teach students about alternative vocational routes. “You do not need a four year degree to have great opportunities at Hanford,” says Ben Culver, Building Trades Craft Safety Representative for CHPRC. “There are several types of craft careers at Hanford that are hands-on and do not require a college education.” Whether you are an engineer, technical writer or crane operator, all of these Hanford careers work hand-in-hand with STEM.

Currently 25 CHPRC employees trained for the STEM Like ME! program and are volunteering monthly in middle school classrooms in the Tri-Cities community, neighboring the Hanford Site.


For more information, please visit the Washington STEM Education Foundation.



STEM Like ME! Overview video.








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